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SMA series are first dispersed and then ground basket grinder

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The new model of SMAII series of first dispersing and then grinding basket grinding machine inherits the characteristics of two processes of dispersing and grinding in one machine and one process, and it can also be used as a dispersing machine (when the dispersing disk is in the working position, the grinding basket is not lowered). For the materials that need to be ground, the functions of dispersing and grinding can be realized first (when the grinding basket is reduced to the working position, the high-efficient fine grinding can be carried out on the materials); Because of the technology of dispersing first and grinding afterwards, good grinding effect can be achieved for materials with high solid content and high viscosity. Compared with the traditional equipment (dispersing machine + grinding machine), there is no need to pump, pipe and draw cylinder to and fro. The process is simplified, the time is shortened, the efficiency is improved, the quantity of residue is small, and it is more convenient to clean and change colors.

1. Good adaptability to material properties (emulsion, oil, water, etc.);

2. Realize the technology of dispersing first and grinding afterwards, which can also play a good grinding effect on materials with high solid content and high viscosity;

3. The functions of dispersion and grinding can be used independently without any interference, and the function of dispersion can be used alone for color mixing, so that the three processes of dispersion, grinding and paint blending can be truly realized on one machine and one process.

4. Imported high-quality frequency converter, stepless speed regulation;

5. Equipped with sealing cover, safe and environmentally friendly;

6. Automatic control system can be configured;

7. Cleaning is more convenient and quick than traditional sand mill, and can be equipped with cleaning cylinder;

8.PLC control, man-machine dialogue interface including equipment maintenance, operation, fault and other information;

9. Innovative concept of decentralized grinding integration equipment patent technology

10.CE and iso9001:2000 certification;

model power/KW speed/rpm Movements itinerary/mm processing/L Lapping basket volume/L Hydraulic station power/kW
SMA -4 4 0-1440 600 40~80 2.5 0.75
SMA-5.5 5.5 0-1440 800 50~100 3 0.75
SMA-7.5 7.5 0-1440 800 60~150 3.6 0.75
SMA -11 11 0-1440 800 80~200 4.6 0.75
SMA -15 15 0-1440 800 100~300 7 0.75
SMA-18.5 18.5 0-1440 1100 150~500 15 1.1
SMA -22 22 0-1440 1100 200~800 18 1.1
SMA -30 30 0-1440 1100 250~1000 25 1.1
SMA -37 37 0-1440 1100 300~1200 32 1.5
SMA-45 45 0-1200 1200 400~1500 40 1.5
SMA -55 55 0-1200 1200 500~2000 50 1.5


The basket-type lapping machine is realized in one process with the function of dispersing and grinding. It adopts the self-absorbing impeller to suck the material, which is finely ground in the basket-grinding chamber, and produces the principle of dispersing, mixing and circulating effect under the action of high-speed dispersing disk. Have very good grinding effect to paint, pesticide, printing ink and so on fineness requirement is very high, in the meantime, clear fluid is very convenient, remain little, economy is practical.

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