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SGF type filling auxiliary equipment

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Unscramble bottle machine

For the rotary table type, a motor is used to drive the table to rotate so that the material bottle enters the station along the fixed track. The feeding speed of the bottle sorting machine is slightly higher than that of the on-line speed.


Bottle washer

The finished bottle of the automatic bottle sorting machine enters the bottle washing machine in the order of conveyor belt, and is blown and washed with clean water. The bottle is turned inside the machine to meet the specified cleaning standards according to the hygiene requirements of the final product.


Top cover machine/top cover machine/top cover machine

Automatic track top cover. Automatically identify the front and back of cover to ensure accurate upper cover.

The fully automatic capping unit is mainly composed of bottle conveyor belt, capping machine, capping machine, capping machine and other mechanical parts as well as pneumatic control system and electrical control system. The signal is detected and collected online by photoelectric sensor and controlled by PLC program. The motor is used as the main driving element and the frequency converter controls its operation, so as to realize the automatic process of product delivery, bottle feeding, lid feeding, gland pressing and output, and all parts work together to realize the automatic supply of products, cover automatic supply and finishing, and automatic sealing operation.

Non-drying label: the body is made of advanced aluminum alloy, surface oxidation treatment. Adopt PLC to cooperate with man-machine interface.

Applicable label: non-drying label,

Options: hot code printer

Chain plate conveyor line: stainless steel chain plate, chain plate bend, aluminum alloy turbine reducer.


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