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Product introduction

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Fl250-1000 type automatic rotary liquid filler

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Product introduction

This machine is mainly used for the quantitative filling without gas, the filling speed is fast, the filling accuracy is high, is the wine, vinegar, soy sauce, beverage and other industries ideal filling equipment.


The working principle of

The machine is a rotary automatic quantitative filling machine, there are two types of mechanical bottle up and down and automatic bottle in and out. The filling principle is to measure the liquid level at atmospheric pressure. Work, bottle under the action of tension spring and lifting CAM, will stay filling bottle, the bottle into the enclosure, drive along the filling pipe as the cover, and in the process of rise, open the mouth filling valve, filling, exhaust outward at the same time, when the filling liquid surface automatically shut down after the intake valve on the wall, stop filling. After filling, the bottle holder will drop at the set position until the mouth of the bottle is out of the positioning cover.


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