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Shanghai sower successfully delivered a polyurethane multi-functional pry block device to a listed company in China


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Shanghai sower successfully delivered a polyurethane multi-functional pry block device to a listed company in China

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On the morning of February 4, 2013, a long transport fleet was set up in the factory of the Asian production base of solway group, marking a successful breakthrough in the pry block problem of the pilot test project of chemical equipment.

The listed company is now the world's leading polyurethane chemical group. This project is a multi-functional pilot test device, Shanghai chasowa construction engineering co., LTD., as the project general contractor, to undertake the contract device design (including the process, piping, equipment module level elevation layout, equipment graph, table, electrical equipment, structure, water supply and drainage, fire hvac drawings of design), equipment procurement and construction work, until the driving examination success.

The set of device since signing a contract, including design, procurement and construction to deliver only take six months, in such a short time to complete, in relying on strong chasowa group subsidiary factories manufacturing capacity at the same time, more concentrated embodied in chasowa chemical design institute in the design advantages, on the one hand, a large number of professional talents, on the other hand, under the unified leadership of the group company to give a full play to the superiority of the design and construction. In addition to the set of device in addition to the short construction time limit for a project, task, chasowa chemical design institute as early in the design phase and considering the transportation problem, the set of device due to pry block equipment, pressure vessel of tank alone 31 units, more recent 10 cubic, 8 cubic high power dispersion, such as stirring mixing equipment, in addition to pry block pipeline is various, if layout is bad can lead to pry block device cannot reach the overall transportation requirement, therefore chasowa designers through the way of brainstorming, with the method of three-dimensional model was established, finally overcome the behing problem, makes up smoothly by road transport from anhui trek to shandong, For this owner side also big praise.

Chasowa as a professional to provide engineering services for chemical project general contracting company, has design, procurement, construction, management and so on comprehensive service ability, especially for the chemical and process production line in the field of construction, chasowa has rich experience in design, procurement and construction, smooth completion of the project once again proved that we can efficiently create value for customers at home and abroad!

By the time it was published, 95% of the project had been installed and debugged.

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