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Sower supplies laboratory equipment to ge (Shanghai) r&d center


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Sower supplies laboratory equipment to ge (Shanghai) r&d center

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Since the introduction of the new type of grinding and testing equipment, sowe has been widely favored by both domestic and foreign customers. Since 2013, more than 200 laboratory equipment have been sold in Shanghai, breaking the previous record and winning high praise from large and medium-sized universities, research institutes and enterprise laboratories. In June, our company signed more than 600,000 laboratory equipment with the r&d center of general electric (Shanghai), one of the world's top 500 enterprises.

In the design and manufacture of laboratory equipment, sauvage always seeks to improve the environmental protection, energy saving, safety and high automation integration of equipment. For the new type laboratory basket grinder, the core technology is adopted to greatly improve the material processing performance and efficiency. The appearance and use of the equipment are optimized through industrial design, and the processing technology and function are improved and upgraded comprehensively. Increased customer experience.

Shanghai sauve has been focusing on the innovation in the technical field. In the fine chemical field for more than ten years, it has invested one million yuan in the technical research and development, hoping to provide customers with better experience and equipment performance.

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