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Sower established a pesticide production line for a key pesticide production enterprise in shanxi


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Sower established a pesticide production line for a key pesticide production enterprise in shanxi

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At the beginning of August 2012, Sower began to cooperate with a pesticide company in shanxi. The EPC project invested about 100 million yuan in establishing a pesticide production line with an annual output of 8000 tons for the client company. The construction site is in yuncheng, shanxi. In order to make the project work better, sauvage signed several contracts with the owner, totaling about 6 million yuan. Savey provides the full range of services such as powder workshop and liquid agent workshop process design, equipment manufacturing and installation.

The pesticide company is a designated national pesticide production enterprise, a key enterprise of pesticide production in Shanxi Province, and a member of China pesticide development and application association. The company covers an area of 35000 square meters, is the collection scientific research, production, sales in the integration of science and technology enterprises, the main production of pesticides, herbicides, plant growth regulator, micronutrient fertilizer and so on more than 50 varieties of pesticides, production of dosage forms have oil, wettable powder, suspending agent, water emulsion, water dispersible granule, such as its high technical content, advanced production technology.

This project lasted for one and a half years. The first-phase project of pesticide production line construction service provided by sauvage is about to be completed. At present, it is in the stage of equipment installation. Upon completion of this phase of the project, sauvage will commence the second phase of the project immediately.

Owner has long been actively meet the modern social demand for green, health, environmental protection pesticides, and the choice of this pesticide production cooperation object also further illustrates the chasowa EPC general contracting services in the pesticide industry of safe and reliable, with, also indicates the chasowa in other than paint, printing ink industry new breakthroughs and new development of fine chemical industry. We believe that we will have a foothold in more fine chemical industry and carry it forward!

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