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Sower undertakes multinational large - scale construction coating EPC project


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Sower undertakes multinational large - scale construction coating EPC project

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In February 2014, Sower signed the EPC general contract project of building coating with annual output of 20,000 tons with a Russian group. Construction began in March this year and will be completed within 10 months.

The group mainly produces dry powder, mortar, gypsum board and building paint (building materials products). Sauvay provides EPC services for factory design, equipment manufacturing, and commissioning and installation. In order to achieve the project with higher quality, our company USES such process equipment as Siemens motor, SEW reducer, Siemens PLC system and Swiss TOLEDO measurement system. The production line is highly automated and computerized from feeding to production. When the product is put into production, the whole process only needs 4-5 workers to operate, which greatly saves labor cost for the owners and improves production efficiency and product quality.

Chasowa has its own chemical design and professional design team of engineers, compared with general equipment manufacturing unit, chasowa can process system integration design and optimization according to customer requirements, to form a complete set of utility and civil engineering design, to provide the whole project plan, design and optimization Suggestions, reduce the customer in the aspect of design management interface, save design time and cost to avoid defects.

The customer made a comprehensive survey of a number of equipment suppliers around the world and visited the equipment usage of sauve's entire factory in Russia. By virtue of its excellent professional experience in chemical engineering design, years of equipment manufacturing and supply experience in the chemical engineering design institute of solvay, and a large amount of practical engineering experience, especially the project experience of undertaking EPC general contracting, sorvey won the bid with the trust of customers.

Solway has been engaged in international business for more than 10 years, with its users in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and accumulated rich experience in EPC general contracting. In the project, it has fully understood the laws, regulations and cultural customs of foreign fine chemical engineering projects, which has been recognized by foreign owners.

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