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A new production line of 50,000 tons genuine stone paint, non - standard customization


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A new production line of 50,000 tons genuine stone paint, non - standard customization

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In June 2013, sauvage signed a contract with a new construction material company in Qingdao for the production line of complete equipment for the annual output of 50,000 tons of newly built coating true stone paint. This production line includes process equipment, pump, instrument system, electrical system, PLC system, steel platform, air pressure and vacuum system, process pipeline and valve, etc. The project is currently under construction and is designed, manufactured and installed by sauvage professionals.

Qingdao new building materials company (hereinafter referred to as owner;) In order to adapt to the company's development and ever-increasing market demand, the company has set up a product research and development base and applied technology research and development center with dry mortar as the development direction in Shanghai, providing strong technical support for maintaining the company's industry leading level. At the same time, with scientific, systematic and rigorous management mechanism, strong research and development ability, and perfect application technical support, the owner provides the society with excellent services, and becomes an expert enterprise providing solutions to the problem of external thermal insulation system of building external walls. At present, the owner has offered nearly 100 kinds of products to the market.

The owner of this annual production of 50 thousand tons of true stone paint is the future of the external wall paint market will develop toward the direction of textural paint, colorful paint. In addition, the owner chose sauvage as the production line partner, which also proves the strong strength of sauvage in the coating industry. With the successful completion of the production line, sauvage will once again prove to the owners and customers that the professional technical team and the operation experience of complete sets of equipment over ten years can provide customers with safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly process design plans and complete sets of equipment.

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