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    • 产品名称: SWFS High-speed dispersers

    产品概要: Disperser aims at grinding, dispersing, emulsifying and mixing for different viscosity of raw materials, through high-speed runnin...
    • 产品名称: SWFS-YF Vacuum dispersers with explosion-proof

    产品概要: Automatic control and temperature & pressure feedback systems ensuring safety;Different motor explosion-proof classes available fo...
    • 产品名称: SWFS Hermetic high-speed dispersers

    产品概要: High quality inverter and speed reducer, invariable torsion;Quick dissolving, mixing, dispersing, fining.
    • 产品名称: SWFS High-speed dispersers with hydraulic lift

    产品概要: It is reliable to use hydraulic lift;Square clamp type
    • 产品名称: SWSJ Two shaft dispensers

    产品概要: The two-shaft mixing disperser is applicable to the chemical industry, such as printing ink, paint, coating and pigment, etc.
    • 产品名称: SWFS High speed disperser with pneumatic clamp

    产品概要: Square tank is applied for more efficient processing of material..
    • 产品名称: SWFS High speed dispersers with pneumatic lift

    产品概要: Flexible and portable pneumatic lift;Hermetical and explosion proof options
    • 产品名称: SWDGN Dispersion Vessels

    产品概要: Dispersion vessel is the combination of low-speed mixer and high-speed disperser, which is suitable for processing the thixotropic...



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