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    • 产品名称: Vacuum conveying equipment pneumatic

    产品概要: 产品简介 真空输送机是一种借助于真空吸力来传送颗粒和粉末状物料的输送设备,采用文丘里管作为动力源,可以适应高标准的工况要求,适用于制药、食品、农药等有特殊要求的行业。 产品...
    • 产品名称: Vacuum conveying equipment with electric pump

    产品概要: 产品简介 真空输送机是一种借助于真空吸力来传送颗粒和粉末状物料的输送设备,采用电动泵作为动力源,输送距离和输送批次相对较大。 产品特性 1. 全密闭输送 2. 从原理上无泄漏可能 3....
    • 产品名称: Pneumatic conveying equipment with pressure tank

    产品概要: With the pressure tank as the essential component, after calculation is done within the tank, the pressure tank pneumatic conveyin...
    • 产品名称: Pneumatic conveying equipment with venturi tube

    产品概要: With the venturi tube as the essential component, the venturi pneumatic transmission equipment sucks the powder or particles into ...



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