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    • 产品名称: SWDB Ton-bag packaging machine

    产品概要: This machine is used for packaging ton bags of standard volume, with which the heavy physical labor is replaced by concise and rel...
    • 产品名称: SWLB Continuous powder packaging machine

    产品概要: Reliable obturator at the filling inlet to ensure the isolation of the inner environment of the packaging bag from outside
    • 产品名称: SFFG Powder filling machine with explosion-proof

    产品概要: These systems use intrinsically safe electrical enclosures for class explosion hazard locations. The entire operating system inclu...
    • 产品名称: FP 25-50 Powder filling machine

    产品概要: Six major systems: Powder hopper, discharging apparatus, weighing system, clamping equipment, dedusting system, and electric contr...
    • 产品名称: FP 5-25 Powder filling machine

    产品概要: Sealing speed 5m/min, height adjustable, placing the bag manually into the sealing machine and starting foot switch for seal.
    • 产品名称: FP 1-5 Quantitative powder hopper scale

    产品概要: FP series apparatus is special for powder and particle quantitative packing, widely applied in foods, feedstuff, and raw material ...



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