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    • 产品名称: FO 3-10 Ointment filling machine

    产品概要: Special design for injection container filling, adopting valve control and material pressure feeding, is applicable for small dosa...
    • 产品名称: SZL Bottle trimming machine

    产品概要: This machine is used for trimming and loading of plastic bottles in pharmacy. It can also be applied for chemicals, light industry...
    • 产品名称: FO 30-200 Semi-auto ointment filling machine

    产品概要: FO 30-200型半自动大桶膏体灌装机 功能: 用以灌装膏体,配置过滤器,隔膜泵,可选配输送线、压盖机等装置。 使用环境: 一般环境及防爆环境(可选) 适用产品: 润滑油、玻璃胶、密封胶、白乳胶、农药、医药等的膏体灌装。
    • 产品名称: FO 5-30 Ointment filling & sealing machine

    产品概要: It uses weighing type filling machine which adopts Germany technique, with high measure precision, regardless of situation of mate...
    • 产品名称: FO 1-5L Ointment filling machine

    产品概要: Special filling nozzle to prevent dripping, utilizing inert gases filling apparatus to stop filling conglutination and material so...
    • 产品名称: FO 10-50 Ointment filling & sealing machine

    产品概要: Convenient adjustment of filling capacity and filling speed, high measure precision, good stability. It is suitable for various ki...



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