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Asphalt production equipment

Date:2015-07-20 15:21

      Asphalt mainly can be divided into coal tar pitch, petroleum asphalt and native bitumen. It mostly uses petroleum asphalt for engineering project.
      After asphalt “emulsified” and “modified”, its performance is improved. In a way, emulsified asphalt is “diluted” by water, then it improves asphalt flow. Various kinds of modified road asphalt, water proof roll and material present certain engineering pragmatic effect.
      Emulsification of asphalt:There is big tension difference for surface of asphalt and water, at ambient or high temperature, asphalt and water can not be soluble. But after through high speed eccentric, high shearing, impacting etc machinery effect, the particle size becomes 0.1~5μm and it is dispersed into water medium with surfactant (emulsion—stabilizer), due to emulsion agent can be directionally absorbed on asphalt micro particle surface, which reduces interface tension of water and asphalt, making asphalt micro particle forming stable dispersing system, and this what we called emulsion of “oil inside and outside water wrapped“. This dispersing system is dark brown, asphalt in dispersion phase, water in consecutive phase and having good flowability at ambient temperature. 

     Sower concentrates on complete plant output, design, general contract and sub contract for production line, parts and equipment outsourcing service, construction, project consultant service for various kinds modified asphalt, emulsion products.

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