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Food additives production equipment

Date:2015-07-20 15:30

        The definition of food additives different for different country, and the definition from FAO and WHO union food rules committee is: a non-nutritional substance which is consciously added into food by a small amount, to improve food appearance, fragrance, structure or storage property. According to this definition, dietary supplement purpose for strengthening food nutrition should not be included food additives range.

       As China comprehensive strength quickly increases and technology improves continuously, China food industry quickly developing, processed food percentage increase multiplied, food category various, food additives are used more and more in our daily life and its safety also becomes a main concern.
Sower concentrates on complete plant output, design, general contract and sub contract for production line, parts and equipment outsourcing service, construction, project consultant service for various kinds of food additives.

      We pay attention to safe and healthy food additives research and development and GMP standard, and will provide perfect production unit for food additives industry.

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