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Surfactant production equipment

Date:2015-07-20 15:30

       Surfactant, refers to a substance which can make solvents interface change obviously after adding a small amount. It has fixed hydrophilic oleophylic group, and can directional arrange on solvent surface. Molecular structure of surfactant has amphipathy: one end is hydrophilic group, and the other end is hydrophobic group; Hydrophilic group usually is polar group, like carboxylic acid, sulfonic acid, amino or amido and salt, hydroxyl, acylamino and ether bond etc can be treated as hydrophilic group, while hydrophobic group is usually non polar hydrocarbon chain, such as hydrocarbon chain with more than 8 carbon atoms. Surfactant divides into ionic surfactant (including positive ion and negative ion surfactant), non ionic surfactant, amphoteric surfactant, mixed surfactant, and other surfactants.

       Nowadays, surfactant output increase and category is more than ten thousands. As world economy developing and science technology field opening up, surfactant develops quickly. Its applicable field is from daily chemical industry to petroleum, food, agriculture, hygiene, environment, newly material etc technical department. But when surfactant brings extreme convenience to people’s life and industry and agriculture production, it also pollutes environment. Hence, the research of surfactant development and trend, has significant role and meaning for surfactant industry as well as our country’s whole industry economy.

        Surfactant has various kinds, unique functions, wide applications, and green products of surfactant especially catch people’s eyes. Now various advanced technology is applied in the equipment.

        Sower concentrates on complete plant output, design, general contract and sub contract for production line, parts and equipment outsourcing service, construction, project consultant service for various kinds of biology chemical products. 




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